Three predominantly IT-based things I wanted to mention…

Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost Too – as well as being a denim-stylee patch I had on my jeans in the late 1970s, this might well be what I, like Brian Cohen, now have to say, as according to Blogger’s dashboard, this blog has some ‘followers’. Crikey.

Please forgive me if I don’t return the compliment quite yet, I’m running a slightly older template for the blog at the moment, but I like to think I’ll upgrade soon. In the meantime, consider me very flattered and pleased.

Speaking Of Upgrades – This weekend I bought myself a new laptop. And like many writers I am convinced that I finally have the tool I need to capture my words with the appropriate speed and accuracy.

Be it pens or notebooks or formatting software, those of us who like to scribble all too often seem to be on a never-ending quest to find the right item. Truly, writers are a creative, superstitious lot…

And Finally – I’m delighted to see that this very blog is now included in the roll call of writing blogs included in Scribomatic. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a rather nifty little widget that lists recent posts by all manner of writers, and it’s a fun way to find new blogs and stuff to read. I’ll see about adding it to this blog – probably when I change the template, as mentioned above.

And with that stuff out of the way, it’s on, ON, ON into the week!