As I’ve written across a variety of media, it’s probably easier if I avoid a chronological approach here and list things in a thematic way…


I wrote the crime story Everything Flows And Nothing Stays in the anthology The Adventures of Moriarty. The book was edited by Maxim Jakubowski, and published by Little, Brown. I’m pleased to report that the book was nominated for the Crime Writers’ Association Short Story Dagger award in 2016 (it didn’t win, but to be honest it was exciting just to see the book nominated). It’s available in bookshops, or by clicking the cover image. There’s also an audiobook version, read by Toby Longworth.

I was one of a hundred UK bloggers selected for Comic Relief
charity book Shaggy Blog Stories, which raised over £2000, and which is still available to buy (click on the cover image). A podcast of the book was also released, for which I performed my none-too-serious contribution – it’s no longer available, but here’s a preview mp3…

Shaggy Blog Stories: Podcast Preview


As a long-time fan of 2000AD, one of the UK’s longest-running comics (forty years and counting), I’m super-pleased to have written for the title twice.  

Prog 524 – His Name Was Janus, art by Dave D’Antiquis



Prog 1271 – The Ultimate Weapon, art by Chris McLoughlin



Back in the days when lots of comics were emulating Viz, I also wrote for the slightly more kid-friendly title Oink! Rebellion, publishers of 2000AD, have recently bought the rights to this title (along with many other UK-originated comics), so who knows, I may soon be able to provide links to reprints of the material I wrote for them, the comic strip Bummo the Bear and the text feature Are You Dead? Find out in this quiz … though somehow I suspect they’re more likely to start off with the work by other creators for Oink!, such as Mark Radcliffe and Charlie Brooker…


I’ve been reading the US-based comedy website Cracked for … oh, years (heck, I even bought a couple of issues back when it was an actual magazine), and am therefore pleased to have co-written an article for them about very dedicated fan projects, which was published in March 2020. Unsurprisingly, my contribution is the one about an (unjustly) obscure UK comedy TV show.


I’ve written jokes for Newsjack, the topical comedy show on BBC Radio 4 Extra (formerly BBC Radio 7).

Series 2, Episode 5



Series 6, Episode 5



Smartphone Drama

I was one of the writers for Persona, a daily drama delivered directly to smartphones via an app. I wrote Jane’s story in Season 1 and co-wrote Kate’s story in Season 3 (you can see clips on the Video page).

Actually, someone (I genuinely don’t know who) made an IMDb page for me in relation to Persona. That was kind of them.



I’ve written several reviews for Fortean Times magazine.

FT 204

FT 206

FT 207

FT 223