Much as I’d like to delude myself that this site is the top destination on the internet, I have to be realistic and admit there are others which are worth a look.

So – in hypothetical order – here are some of the ones I like…

The Writing Factory – a blog by a good friend of mine. Writing, film, technology, and the odd angry rant (caution: may contain salty language).

Toby Cottrell – Painting, music, and photography. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, except for the ways he’s different.

Stevyn Colgan Writer, painter, and all-round good egg.

 Jason Arnopp – Writer of the acclaimed The Last Days of Jack Sparks, he loves Horror, Doctor Who, and arranging words in sequence.

 James Moran – Writer for film and TV, sharer of hints ‘n’ tips for scribes.

John August – Hugely successful writer of film, his website’s brimful of useful writing info.

 BBC Writersroom – The BBC wants new writing blood. Oh, yes they do. Find out more here.

 Stephen Fry – I hope you don’t need me to explain who this man is. If so, I am frankly smacked in the gob.