I’m John Soanes (though you’d probably guessed that from the name in big letters above), a London-based writer of crime, comedy and … um… (tries to think of something else beginning with c … ah, yes) comics.

I’ve been published in a variety of media, most recently in a crime anthology which was nominated for a Crime Writers’ Association Dagger Award – details of this, and my other work, are on the Writing page. And if you want to know about the me behind the words, there’s some typically rambling and digressive information on this page.

In terms of current projects, my first crime novel Captives is currently out for agent consideration, and I’m writing the next one, which has the working title of Refuge.

By way of avoiding actually getting on with writing the damn thing, I’ll be sharing updates about my progress on the novel (brace for self-indulgent posts about the trials and tribulations of the sensitive artist, as I wrestle with whether to use a semi-colon or not), as well as other stray thoughts which flit through my head, on the Blog.

Both the blog and my Twitter account are subject to updates (often with big gaps between sudden bursts of enthusiastic posting, I’ll freely admit) so please do revisit and see what’s new.

Thanks for dropping by, and please don’t be shy. Drop me a line to comment, complain, or just to let me know if anything on the site isn’t working.

Finally, if you don’t currently have a cup of tea, may I recommend you make one? I find it rarely hurts to have a cuppa to hand…