I’m John Soanes (though you’d probably guessed that from the name in big letters above), a London-based writer.  

This site is designed to be a shop-window, really – if you’re an agent, publisher or editor, I hope you’ll find it a useful taste of the kind of writing I do (and please feel free to Contact Me if you’d like me to do some wordsmithing for you).  

If you’re a potential employer craftily looking for background information on me, this is the right place – I don’t have Facebook, Instagram or MySpace accounts.

If, on the other hand, you’ve strayed here by chance, or you’re a friend (old or otherwise) who’s Googled my name in a moment of utter boredom, you’re  equally welcome.

On this web site, you can read samples of my writing, a potted biography, and details of my previous work.

There’s also my blog, and links to my Twitter account, both of which are updated (fairly) regularly, so do feel free to revisit and see what’s new.

Thanks for spending time here, and don’t be shy, drop me a line – comment, complain, or point out that a link isn’t working, by all means.

And if you don’t currently have a cup of tea, may I recommend you make yourself one? It rarely hurts to have a cuppa to hand…