Yes, Yes, I Know: If I’d Put More Effort Into My Studies…

In the following flashback to an event from my college years, please imagine the first speaker as rather exasperated, and the second person sounding … well, frankly, exasperating.

Helen: Oh for God’s sake John, I’m fed up with all your pedantisism!

John: Actually, I think the word is pedantry.

Perhaps appallingly, that is an entirely true story.

Anyway, I suspect that alleged trait explains why I find this website so very amusing.


Make My Friends Wealthy: Two Of Two


Housekeeping! (Need Any Towels?)


  1. Surely said pedant is not your good self?

    Misuse of words is a pet hate of mine. A common one these days seems to be the use of “prevarication” when the speaker actually means “procrastination”.

    Perhaps those of us who are pernickerty about correct usage should stage a Pedants’ Revolt.

  2. I am indeed he, Chris – though in my typically insufferable way, I prefer to call it ‘maintaining standards’, ahem.
    You’re quite right about the misuse of ‘prevarication’ – perhaps because people would rather pretend to be unsure than admit they’re not going to get it done until tomorrow?

  3. “Great post John”

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