Hello. Not dead, merely not posting.

Obviously, things have been happening in my offline life in the… er, eighteen months or so since I last posted here, but I’m going to resist the temptation to point to anything in particular as being the reason why I’ve gone so quiet. In all honesty, I think that blogging’s something of a habit, and clearly it’s one I’ve got out of in recent times, for whatever reason. I’ve also got some minor reservations about the platform around which I’ve built the site (including this page), but in all honesty, as a reason for not updating more often, that’s probably on a par with failing to write the novel because I can’t find my favourite pen (ahem).

So, this is less a post and more a statement of intent – I intend to be posting here on a more regular basis (yes, yes, I’m painfully aware that I said that in the last post, back in 1975 or so), as a place to share stray thoughts which exceed the 140-character limit of Twitter (as the section elsewhere on this page shows, I’ve been more vocal [textual?] in that form). Writing – and the process elements of it – is likely to be something of a preoccupation, which is only representative, as writing occupies a lot of my brainspace at any given time, but arguably more because I continue to be fascinated by the nature of… well, let’s call it ‘story’; not just the creation and construction of narrative, but also our relationship and interaction with stories – the ways we look to stories for examples and templates for things that happen in our lives, and the way that we often look back on events and place an interpretion on them as a way of making sense of things: pattern recognition, as it were.

Anyway, we’ll see if any of the above actually pans out, or if I just end up embedding Youtube videos of cats (that’s what we’re supposed to do online, isn’t it? I don’t want to lose my licence to internet).

But enough about me: how are you? It’s been a while, so you must have been up to stuff, surely. Do let me know (he said, on the optimistic assumption that the Comments function is working)…