Salutations this Samhain to you, and in keeping with the cliche that, at this time of year, we like nothing better than to tell or be told creepy stories, here are two for you…

Story the first: is a very short tale I recently wrote for a ‘write a ghost story in 50 words’ competition, and whilst it didn’t win, I thought that I’d share it rather than let it go to waste. Here it be:

The ghosts were using mirrors as portals into my house, so I set about systematically smashing them.
As I prepared to destroy the last mirror, I allowed myself a quick glance at it, and saw a wild-eyed man swinging a hammer, ready to strike.
But my hands were empty.

And Story the second is a previously unpublished Ghost Story by none other than Neil Gaiman – it’s ten minutes long, and he reads it, and you can get it for free (yes, *F*R*E*E*) from Audible – and when you do, Audible will donate 50p to the charity Booktrust. Sounds fab, I know, but do be aware that this is only available until the end of today, 31 October, All Hallow’s Eve, so I recommend you find out more by clicking here pronto, sharpish, lickety-split.

And so, I shall hit Publish on this without further ado. If you’re celebrating Halloween in any way tonight, may your newt be sharp of eye, and your bat be fleet of wing.