As you know, I’m a huge fan of specious use of language or ill-considered turns of phrase, and so it’s a delight to come across another.

The British Music Experience is an exhibition about the history of (no surprise here) British music, and it’s located in the building formerly known as the Millennium Dome, in London.

I haven’t been, so I don’t know what it’s like, but the publicity for it (posters around London, and their website) contains the following quote:

“A comprehensive, conceptually flamboyant Wikipedia history of British pop music– Observer Music Monthly

Now, I can only conclude that this means that if you disagree with the content of any of the exhibits, you’re entitled to clamber into them and make the appropriate corrections. Or, indeed, that you can remove entire exhibits if they don’t meet notability requirements, or if they fail to reference reliable sources.

Well, either that’s what the use of the word ‘Wikipedia’ signifies, or maybe someone at the Observer needs to stop and think before dropping zeitgeisty words into sentences to make sure they actually mean something.

After all, that Twitter kind of attempt at unfounded hipness Crunk from a writer just looks Audioboo embarrassing.