What Kind Of World Do We Live In?

What kind of a world do we live in where a major electronics corporation makes it possible for people to invite their friends round for a “wii sports party”? The barbarians are at the gates, I swear.

Actually, that juvenile homonym pales in comparison to the revelation that a well-known maker of electrical goods has branched out into a very specific area of the marketplace – see here. Shocking.

And please, don’t ask how I know about that.


From My Valentine’s Day Postbag


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  1. The extraordinary Karl Pilkington (Ricky Gervais’ round-headed chum) claims that he once saw a rotund chap on a flight playing darts on a handheld console. Darts, I ask you. Is it any wonder we are a nation of wobble-bottoms?

  2. I suppose the Wii Sports Party is marginally more wholesome than the Intimate Massager Party…

  3. Though when read aloud, I’m not so sure…

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