Well, it’s 14 February, the day devoted to Saint Valentine, the patron saint of greetings cards, ah ha ha, and I thought I’d share a couple of romantic and charming nuggets from my virtual postbag.

Firstly, there’s always the question of what to eat on a romantic occasion – so I was very relieved to receive this, which rather charmingly puts a price on love – it’s 25% over £25, apparently. Oh, you shouldn’t have.

And then on such an occasion, one’s thoughts turn to what to do by way of demonstrating your affection. I had no ideas, so I was thankful to be sent this. The first film listed wasn’t quite what I was after – a love triangle doesn’t speak of undying affection – but the second film down, well, now that’s what I call romantic! Looks like a bit of a chick-flick, obviously, but I’d be willing to endure it. That’s the kind of sensitive, giving chap I am.

May your postbag, real or virtual, contain whatever you may wish today. If that means cards and whatnot, all well and good, but if it means nothing at all or even letters from the bank or relatives, then I hope that happens for you too.