Has Vince Vaughn Become The New Tim Allen?

Just, y’know, a thought.


But You Don’t Really Care For Music, Do Ya?


Outbreak III – The Virus Takes London


  1. Who’s Tim Allen?

  2. You don’t know who Tim Allen is ? Lucky, lucky you.

  3. Stuart has a point, unfortunately!
    Tim Allen was a stand-up comedian who went on to star in the TV show ‘Home Improvement’ (which I thought was pretty good), but in recent years he’s appeared in family-oriented Xmas films such as The Santa Clause 1-3; like Mr Vaughn’s recent choices of films, they come out every year around this time… one might suspect a pension fund being built up, really!

  4. However Tim Allen can be forgiven for also being the voice of Buzz Lightyear. Kudos for that at least.

  5. Very true – I often think he sounds like he’s channeling Mr Clooney in that role.

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