But You Don’t Really Care For Music, Do Ya?

The latest series of TV show The X-Factor has just come to an end, and I have to admit to mixed feelings about the choice of song for the ‘winner’s single’.

I think Hallelujah is a genuinely beautiful song, and given that its creator, Leonard Cohen, had his retirement fund nicked by his (then) manager, it’s a good thing that he’ll benefit from the royalties, but… well, I’m pretty sure that it’ll be so heavily played in the next few weeks that it’ll end up like ‘that Bryan Adams Robin Hood song’.

To be fair, the rendition of it by the winner, Alexandra, isn’t bad at all (and is certainly better than the version by the runners-up), but I think my favoured performance remains that by KD Lang, which you can see and hear here.

Anyway, I like the irony of the third line of the song (quoted above) in a song performed by the winner of X-Factor…


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  2. Have you heard the Jeff Buckley version? Truly fab…

  3. Hadn’t heard the KD Lang version before – it’s great and really moving. I thought Alexandra’s version was also excellent, and that she deserved to win. Also applaud her attitude – she stuck her neck out for her dreams – again – and won.

  4. The Jeff Buckley version is the only version, Mr Soanes. The only version. So there.

  5. Amusingly, iTunes calls the Buckley version the definitive version on its main page today too!
    Interesting that no-one seems to feel that Leonard Cohen’s version if the best one, I think…

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