Did You See This In The Evening Standard Yesterday?

I had a go at it, but of a possible ten, I only got three answers right.

(Is this remark in bad taste? Very possibly, but I think we know who trivialised the issue with their idiotic choice of words.)


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  1. ‘Quiz’ is a tabloid word, like ‘vow’ or ‘bid’. When did you last ‘vow’ to do anything, but according to the red tops, celebs do it all the time. Of course it fits neatly into a shit headline, so that pleases them, whilst sodomising the English language. Am I bitter, and if so does it show that much ?

  2. Most definitely… but they keep lining ’em up, you keep shooting ’em down… and I’ll just chortle!

    That said I doubt ‘Ex-Television Presenter, John Leslie, interviewed by police about renewed rape allegations’ would fit so well on the billboard!

    PS: Given all that came out last time, my personal opinion is… not favourable.

  3. It’s kind of an easy dig on my part, yep, but born of the way that the headline board struck me as moderately distasteful – the word quiz makes me think of a pub quiz or something like that, and not a session of police questioning. I mean, they didn’t even use what I believe are known as ‘scare quotes’…

  4. Wasn’t a criticism… Love reading your pointing these things out. 🙂

    I can’t help imagining Leslie on one side of the desk with the Police on the other saying: ‘Mr. Leslie, what do you call holding a woman down against their will…?’

  5. “Foreplay?”


  6. Reminds me of an old episode of (possibly) LA Law where they’re defending a student on a rape charge and, in the back room, the lawyers go over his testimony and he describes the loving encounter… and at the end they can’t speak because he’s doesn’t even realise he’s just described rape.

  7. That does sound oddly familiar, so you could well be right about it being LA Law.

    In all honesty, I rather regretted my last comment, as it almost felt like it was treading perilously close to the trivialisation I was setting out to criticise. Hmm, battle not with monsters and all that?


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