What I Did On My Not-Holiday, By John Aged 37 (And A Bit)

Well, it’s been a rather thin few days in terms of content, but I plead a sudden surge of activity in the paying job (leaving me several shades of knackered at the end of the day) combined with a lot of writing stuff to do. To summarise, then :

BBC Sharps
I didn’t hear back from Writersroom on Monday, and unless they sent me an e-mail headed something like ‘Free v1agr@’ and it got diverted to my Spam folder, I guess that means that I didn’t make it through to the next round. A pity, but doing the script was actually rather fun, and it was something of a learning experience, so I don’t feel it was wasted time on my part.

One change I might make to it, though, is to amend the name, as in an attempt to be clever and show it was purpose-written for the BBC Competition, I called it ‘Sharpes’ (after the pharmacy where the action took place), so I should probably re-name it for any future use. Then again, maybe that was part of the reason I didn’t make it through, I may have built the expectation that there’d be a number of characters for Sean Bean to play, and the first ten pages offer nothing of that nature.

Waterstones ‘What’s Your Story?’
My entry’s still on the gallery for this (page 13, last time I checked, or you can search by my surname), and given that over 4000 people have entered, the odds are rather against, but it was a fun thing to do (and my method was like something from ‘Take Hart’ or, for the younger amongst you, ‘Art Attack’), and who knows, I could be one of the two over-18 winners. I’ll probably post the jpeg of my story after the results are announced, so as not to dilute or jinx things, as it were.

Regardless of that, the book of all the authors’ postcards (plus the three winners) is for the dually worthwhile causes of Dyslexia Action and English PEN, and as it’s a mere fiver, I strongly urge you to go here and order a copy. Go on, it’s a good thing to do. You know you want to.

10 Word Crime Story
I didn’t have time to post about it here before the deadline of 5pm on Monday, but I managed to get a couple of entries in for this. It was a fun thing to do, and the small wordcount made it pleasantly restricted in terms of what you could write about – my usual logorrhoea was very much held at bay. I think the results are due in a couple of weeks, so I’ll share my entries after that, I suspect.

…So, as you can see, I haven’t just been doing nowt and making token gestures at posting here. But anyway, the hectic period seems to have passed, so we should be back to the usual frequency of posting (and probably the usual kind of content – sneering at adverts, book covers, and dodgy journalism; the very heights of sophistication) now.

Anyway, enough about me, how have you been?


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  1. Balls. Didn’t know about that 10-word comp – would’ve been fun!

  2. You can still do it – let’s do the show right here (as they used to say in ‘Fame’ pretty much every week)!

    But given your plans for the Screenwriters’ Festival, can you honestly say that if you’d won the 10 Word thing you could be trusted with the crate of Old Peculier which is part of the prize? Hmm?

    Saw a copy of Who Magazine which seemed to have a cover-date of Aug – is that the issue which’ll contain your feature on ‘The Moff’?


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