(Firstly, apologies for the absence of posts in the last couple of days, my faithful and ever-growing audience. Had some techy issues, but I think they’re sorted out now. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for lost time, and we’ll have at least five posts this week, oh yes indeedy betcha by golly wow.)

Anyway, a few more links on the ongoing Writer’s Guild of America Strike. In case you hadn’t guessed by now, I’m hoping that the studios and the WGA can get back to negotiating, so everyone can get back to work; but I’m very much of a mind that the writers deserve to get more than the dollar equivalent of 2p for every DVD sold from one of their scripts, and certainly more than 0p (no, that’s not a typing error) for shows sold as downloads on iTunes and the like. The argument for this side of things is, I think, rather well put here .

Further to my recent post linking to a number of showrunners who are in support of the strike, here’s an ad which was in the US trade press last week from some more writers – some well-known and impressive names there, I think you’ll agree.
And finally, this site still rather perplexes me – I genuinely can’t tell if it’s a wind-up about the strike or not. It looks pretty sincere on the face of it, but when you watch the videos, it’s either the most Alan Partridge-esque calling card of all time, or a pretty good spoof. Take a look and see what you make of it, and let me know your conclusions… please. I need the hive mind consensus on this one.