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The first image there is from the ‘The Adventures of God: The Ultimate Super-Hero’ in the Spitting Image Giant Komic Book (1988), and is illustrated by Steve Dillon. The second panel is from ‘SuperGod (and The Son Of Man Wonder)’ in the latest issue of Viz (170, coverdated November 2007), and unless I miss my guess it’s drawn by Davey Jones.

Rather similar, I think you’d agree, but I have to say I genuinely don’t think it’s a case of plagiarism – the issue of free will and God is one which is endlessly discussed (and is a bit theologically awkward, really), and I don’t think that Mr Jones is exactly short of ideas: he came up with the Viz strip The Vibrating Bum-Faced Goats, after all, which hardly suggests a paucity of imagination.

Still, an amusing coincidence, I like to think.