Yes, that’s right, I was out seeing live music last night – a school night, no less – while you were just sitting around at home. Envy me? Of course you do.

Anyway, full disclosure up front: Ian, the lead singer of Kyro, is a friend of mine, and an all-round good sort, but thankfully he – and the rest of the band – are very good indeed, so this review doesn’t need to be overshadowed by that personal connection.

It’s quite hard to categorise Kyro’s style of music – it’s rock with a pop aspect; the melodies are strong and almost feel somehow familiar (in the best way), and that reminded me at first listen of Teenage Fanclub, though the newer songs they played last night (Killer, You Say and Rockstar) had a harder rock edge to them, and put me more in mind of of the Foo Fighters. Which is definitely a good thing. Rockstar, in particular, has a number of really good guitar riffs which build up to a great rock-y climax.

They played about six songs in total, and the rest of the audience seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Damned fine show.

If there’s any justice, Kyro will get a goodly amount of success and recognition, as they’re seriously talented and eminently listenable – in fact, you can hear for yourself by logging onto Napster, where tracks from ‘The Kyro EP’ are available to download. I think there’s talk of them being available on iTunes soon (if they’re not already) too. They also have a webpage at, where the pictures are of a far higher quality than the one hovering above and left of these words.

Summary: Kyro rock. Good stuff. Go listen.