Basically, I’m Saying “Don’t Worry, Daddy Still Loves You Just As Much”

In an example of my usual skill at being ahead of the curve, I’ve just started to tinker on Twitter (as promised last year, I gave it some time, to see if it was just a pash in the flan) – you can see me here.

Not entirely sure if it’ll prove to be a lasting thing, though I’m finding it quite diverting so far.

Anyway, I’ll still be blogging – and don’t worry, there are actual content-rich posts in the pipeline, not just ‘ooh, doesn’t that look a bit like that?’ ones – so this is not any kind of farewell. You don’t get rid of me that easily.

That said, I still think I’d have to sustain some kind of head injury before I’d consider signing up to Facebook.


I Think I’ll Get Some Pick N Mix Too


Les Poissons D’Avril

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