Not everyone’s bag, granted, but you might be interested in the free copy of Daniel Blyth’s X Marks The Spot which you can get from the Waterstones website.

I haven’t read it yet meself, but as it comes up as being both ‘humour’ and ‘politics’ on my eReader gadget, I think it’ll probably be interesting. Seems to be available both in ePUB and PDF forms, which is a nice touch. Mind you, you have to sign up for e-mail updates from the publishers, so you may feel the game isn’t worth the candle, as it were.

Anyway, have a look, see if it’s your thing or not. And don’t say I never give you anything.

Or, at least, that I never point you towards an opportunity to get something for nothing from someone else. Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite so good, does it?