By Way Of Antidote To My Usual Mockery And Pedantry…

… have a look at this; the song’s pedestrian at best, but I genuinely love the way the woman signing it in the lower right corner gets into it (you may want to skip to a minute or so in):

I suspect she’s just paid to sign the words, but she goes well beyond the call of duty, and, frankly, gets on down. And it looks like she’s rather enjoying her job.

Good for her, I say.


Pedantry Aside, I Really Like The Cover


The Never-Ending Story


  1. There's a sign for 'donk'?

    Well, I never.

  2. I was similarly surprised, I have to admit.
    I'd like to see the BSL for 'zigazig-ahh'.

  3. Maybe she's not signing? Maybe she's interpreting the song with modern dance?

  4. Could be, though unlike my previous experiences with modern dance, it left me smiling!

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