And They Said It Wouldn’t Last

To commemorate my 1001st blog post, I commissioned a pair of special numerically-themed spectacles from noted stylist and creator, Mrs MyWife. Here be the results:

As you can see, they’re positively Elton Johnesque, so I intend to spend the rest of the day celebrating as Mr Dwight might (though with fewer tantrums and outbursts, of course).

Thank you for your continued audienceship, especially in the face of ridiculously self-indulgent posts like this one.


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  1. They are quite fetching.

    Happy 1001!

  2. I expect you to wear them when I see you next. And for the rest of the weekend, wherever we might go.

  3. Thanks gents – I've been wearing them all weekend (which may be why the bus queue parted to let me on first, but I'm not complaining).

  4. It's the eyebrows that do it for me.

  5. Model's Own, of course.

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