As you may have seen in the press- usually illustrated by pictures of the new line-up in tight-fitting pseudo-undergarment outfits – the last remaining original member of the popular beat trio the ‘Sugababes’ (whose name always looks to me like a pretty direct attempt to copy that of the Spice Girls), has *ahem* departed the group.

As a result, there have been a number of journalists and other folks commenting about whether or not this means the Sugababes as a band still exists; Trigger’s broom and Theseus’s Ship have been invoked, on the basis that since none of the original band remains, surely they cannot be called the Sugababes?

Oh, the philosophical conundrum, how it makes our heads spin (accompanied by pictures of three women in limited clothing)… but there is a precedent for this, and I can’t help but wondering if people know about it, and are ignoring it in favour of filling column inches with photos of the new line-up filming their “raunchy* new video”, or if they are unaware of it, despite it spanning over three decades?

Anyway, no, I’m not going to refer to the tangled history of Bucks Fizz, I’m talking about a much longer-lived band than that, whose members come and go with the frequency of Big Brother contestants.

Here on the blog, for one night only (with this line-up, if history is anything to go by), I give you… Menudo.

*A word which tends to be used in print more than it is said aloud … unless perhaps someone’s mum is referring to Tom Jones or Chico Slimani.