A still there from the latest TV ad by the not-Manchester-based soft drink, Oasis.

It’s quite an elaborate ad (backed by a suitably jargon-filled ‘integrated’ marketing campaign), built around the tagline ‘Oasis. For people who don’t like water’.

Would I be the first to point out that if you look at the label of a bottle of Oasis, the first listed (and therefore most prevalent) ingredient is water?

So, if you really don’t like water, this might not be the best drink for you to choose. Mind you, if you’re really anti-water to that extent, you probably don’t have time to buy soft drinks because you’re spending all day trying to avoid the 71% of the planet that is covered in water, or – and this is where the challenge sets in – the 65% of your body which is, on average, water.

I guess drinking Oasis because you don’t like water is probably like buying The Daily Star because you don’t like words.