So then, join me in being slightly bemused by the forthcoming Star Trek fragrances.

Pictured are the two aimed at men, Tiberius, which will enable you to shout the word “Khan” with startling passion, and – more amusingly to my mind – Red Shirt, because (and I quote) “Tomorrow may never come”. For the ladies, and not pictured (but you can find out more about it at the link), there’s a fragrance named after a Vulcan mating ritual, which I can only hope is a bit more alluring than it sounds.

Still, as one who frequents comic shops and other purveyors of TV and Film merchandise, it’s nice to see someone’s – well, if not necessarily conceding that some hardcore Trek fans can be a bit on the whiffy side, at least addressing the possibility. And in a collectible fashion, no less.

Forget warp drives, that’s what I call progress.