So, the thing is : my current mobile phone (pictured) (all right, mine’s actually a Motorola Razr) is starting to show its age, with scratches and scars and the like, and I think it’s beginning to exhibit reluctance to charge properly as well.

I am, then, wondering if any of you good people can recommend me a new phone/contract which will enable me to keep my current number, and which also involves the following:

– Clamshell design
– Black for preference, silver as an alternative
– Camera (nothing too fancy)
– No mp3 or other music playback, or WAP stuff (I have other devices which do this)
– Vibrate function on the phone
– Triband or above (I’m a globetrotter, remember)

… as well as the ability to, yes, make calls and send text messages.

Anyone got any suggestions? I’m on a contract which I can end with a month’s notice, and for which I get 300 minutes and 300 texts for £15. I’m not too worried about being tied to a new contract (for, say, a year) if it’s a decent phone/service, but I’m not looking to spend much, if any, more than I currently do (which would, I think, immediately exclude G1, Storm or iPhones as possibilities, as lovely as I’m sure they are). It may be that I’d be better off buying a new phone and transferring the SIM card into it, and I’m open to that idea as well.

Your suggestions, as ever, are welcomed…