A Damning Indictment Of The Uncaring Nature Of Society

A mother of five suffers a stroke live on international television, and no-one bats an eyelid.

Well, except her, obviously.


How To Annoy People – Lesson The First


A Fairy Story (Or An UNFairy Story – You Be The Judge)


  1. HA! This is great.

  2. Good afternoon Mr. Soanes. Found your blog via that of my old friend and colleague Mr. Colgan.

    Ms Palin appears to be as poor a winker as Anne Robinson. And I don’t think we can blame surgery in the Alaskan governor’s case!

  3. Hi Chris, and welcome!
    They showed the wink in slow-motion on TV the other night, and it looked horribly unconvincing. I fear they think it will seem folksy to female voters, and maybe that male voters will think she’s winking at them and them alone. But it still reminds me of when Helen Daniels had a stroke on Neighbours (and I mean that in the medical sense. Please, it’s not that kind of blog!).

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