I Also Seem To Recall It Being 40 Minutes Long Back In The Late 1970s – Or Did I Dream That?

It’s become a bit of a tradition in many blogs to embed or link to a music video on Friday afternoons. Perhaps it’s some kind of cyber-echo of the fact Top Of The Pops moved to Friday not too long before its demise (and in my opinion hastened that demise; in my young day, we’d watch it on Thursday night, talk about it on Friday at school and then, having had our opinions approved or changed by the consensus of the classroom hive mind, go and buy a single or two on a Saturday), or perhaps it’s because as the weekend draws nigh the urge to lob up some original content is on the wane, or perhaps (as is usually the case with my suppositions) it’s some other reason altogether.

Here at John Soanes we’d like to follow the crowd, but we’ve never been very good at it, so on a similarly musical theme here are two links to free music downloads. I wouldn’t presume to say if the tunes in question will be your bag, but who knows…

Here, you can download seven tracks from Jack Johnson’s new Brushfire label. I’m not a huge fan of his stuff myself, though I know lots of people are, so it’d be churlish of me not to share it. You have to register, but I did so and have since failed to confirm my e-mail address to get regular e-newsletters, and yet I was still able to get the mp3s. Check me out, eh? I’m such a rebel.

And if you don’t care for that, then click here to visit a page where you can access samples of the Minder theme, which is perfect for playing loudly as you strut around the room with your thumbs hooked into your trouser beltloops.

It’s not just me who does that, is it?


Sharps – The Writer’s Cut (Get A Bandage)


You Know That Recent Doctor Who Episode Set In Pompeii?


  1. Well it’s only you that does the dance naked, with your thumbs thrust into notional beltloops.

  2. That’s the second time today that someone has freaked me out with a particular image. First the Krankies’ naughty bedtime shenanigans and now this …

    Stop! I’m fragile!

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