It May Be Mere Coincidence That It Appeared To Have Been Taken Down Several Hours After I Took This Picture

This picture, then, is of an advert for the new Chris Ryan novel, which I spotted at an Underground station in central London. Two things about it that make me go hmm:

1. Isn’t that first rule of engagement suspiciously similar to the line in David Mamet’s screenplay for ‘The Untouchables’, wherein Sean Connery’s character says “He pulls a knife, you pull a gun”?

2. Given the current concern about people (especially teenagers) stabbing and killing each other in London, are the references to carrying guns and knives entirely appropriate for tube ads? I mean, I don’t want to sound all newspaper editorial, but…


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  1. It’s still up at High Wycombe. Presumably, the middle classes aren’t quite so sensitive.

  2. Risky approach, surely – they’re the people who can afford weapons, and they’re all tense and nervous because of the housing crisis, if the headlines are to believed.
    One gazundering incident, and the whole place could turn into a shooting range… maybe.

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