The Truth Isn’t Always A Beacon That Lights Our Way, Sometimes We Stumble Upon It

Me, ranting on Sunday afternoon:

“I really don’t get it when people are so keen on Sex And The City, I really don’t.

I mean, it’s totally phony and unrealistic, and seems to suggest that if you go out and buy some stuff, your life will be perfect, which has to be unhealthy.

And the worst thing about it is that people seem to take it seriously – a worrying number of women I know quote from things in it as if they’re real situations and as if you can learn from it, despite the fact that half the things they say sound cool or seem to make some kind of sense at first, but when you actually think about them, they’re meaningless, and total breakdowns in logical thinking and… oh my god. I’ve just realised.

Sex And The City is Top Gear for women, isn’t it?”


The Best Man For The Job, Rather Alarmingly


LINK: Good Science (Not Bad Science) Podcast


  1. It’s got the occasional truth and tons of fantasy-land tossed in with some catchy writing. I always tried to avoid it, and then if I mistakenly came across it, would end up watching the rest of the show.

    Having seen the movie trailer, I suspect it’s all about Carrie getting hitched to Big, which is not so much two more hours of fantasy land as two hours of sheer horror. I shall only attend if I am guaranteed excellent popcorn.

  2. I watched the first couple of episodes, suspected it was going to be essentially the same show every week, and bailed out. I watched the last episode bit where Carrie was allegedly hit by her chap, but I seem to recall it was quite questionably handled, to be honest.

    But as with so many things, the rabid fans are the ones who put me off; friends of mine who can ill-afford refer to buying particular designer makes of shoes simply because they’ve been referred to in the show when they should probably be using the money to buy, I dunno, maybe some food. More worryingly, though, I’ve actually heard friends say ‘Oh, this is like the bit where Carrie split up with So-and-so, and they got back together again’, in a rather frightening conflation of reality and fiction… I presume these friends also believe their life will work around advert breaks, and have the dialogue polished by the script editor? Shudder.


  3. Isn’t it just a softcore version of ‘Friends’ ?

  4. I do hope you’re not suggesting that Friends is hardcore?
    Well, apart from episode 25 of series 5, ‘The One With The Spanish Fly’, which was a shocking departure from the usual format.

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