A (Cover) Design For Life?

These two book covers aren’t quite twins (more like half-siblings), though they have both been published recently.

More alarming, though, is the sentence which is created by reading their titles in sequence.


Health And Safety In My Workplace


I May Write A Pilot Starring A Close-Knit Group Of Ear Specialists In A West Country Hospital. Working Titles Are ‘Aural Sects’ And ‘Dolby City’.*


  1. It gets worse and worse … they’re taping the piss.


  2. Apology accepted.

    I kind of wondered if the fact that audio cassettes are fading into the mists of history might mean that a number of people could look at the covers and find them meaningless; I don’t think I would have been drawn in by a book cover featuring an eight-track cartridge in, say, the late 1980s.


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