Back in this review, I asked how DC Comics were going to make it clear which of the 52 universes in their newly-reinstated multiverse they were going to allocate to which characters and scenarios.

Well, they’ve issued a list, which you can see here.

I’ve stopped reading a lot of DC Comics in recent times, as they – like their competitors Marvel – seem to be mired in continuity and cross-overs, and that list does nothing at all to make me think I’ve made a mistake in doing so. Oh, sure, I’ll have a look at ‘Final Crisis’ when it comes out next year, but that’s only because it’s written by Grant Morrison, and not because I care about the Earth-22 Flash or whatever.

But given that DC have removed the multiverse and then put it back within the last couple of decades, I guess I shouldn’t really expect the change to last forever, should I ?