Before I did the London Marathon this year, I said to my lovely bride-to-be that after it was over, I’d probably never run again in my life – not even for a bus. “Uh-uh,” I predicted I’d say, “I’ve done a lifetime’s worth of running, thanks very much.”
She disagreed.

And she is, of course, right: today I’ve signed up to do the London 10K next May. As I’ve commented before, I’ve gained a lot of weight in recent months (I know, the idea that I’m celebrating completing the Marathon is a bit of a lame excuse six months down the line), so this is a perfect excuse for me to lose some of the lard.

Right now, of course, May 2008 seems very distant indeed, but I know full well it’ll come hurtling round the corner with shocking speed… something I’m unlikely to do if I don’t shed my excess weight, so I’d better start thinking about a training plan.

If you’re a Londoner, or even if you’re not, why not consider entering? It does costs a bit of money (£25, to be exact), but the atmosphere at the Marathon was terrific, and of course you get to run in what I, as I’ve said before, genuinely believe to be one of the finest cities in the world…