Whilst I’m unable to source the exact details of the incident, I’m led to believe that whilst judging the TV Talent Show ‘America’s Got Talent’, David Hasselhoff had a disagreement with fellow judge Piers Morgan and called him ‘a wanker’. Morgan allegedly responded by saying, ‘If you said that in Britain, you’d be beheaded’.

Leaving aside – despite the fun it would involve – the issue of whether or not The Hoff was right in what he said, isn’t it just a little odd that a man who, as editor of Daily Mirror, published a front-page story featuring faked photos of Iraqi prisoners being abused by members of the British Army, seems to think that beheading is currently a punishment for calling someone a wanker?

What an odd legal system he must think we have, with major punishments for minor social infractions. Best we keep him away from news reporting, then.