Just in case you think that I spend all my time in melodramatic self-absorbed mode, here are a few links to the virtual world which I think shed some light on events in the actual world. But as they tend to align with my own beliefs and prejudices, well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

‘Shooter’ Cheney a naughty boy? Golly, imagine my surprise…

Now, say after me: Reality. Fiction. Reality… Fiction. Now do you see?

But… this is painted as being a threat justifying ID Cards and ignoring the Geneva Convention and other basic rights. Surely we’re looking at the massed ranks of SPECTRE, not just some idiots with a grudge. Otherwise, that would mean…. Why, that would mean politicians were lying to us. Surely not

Very possibly the greatest headline I’ve seen in connection with this whole business.

*With apologies to Tanita Tikaram (incidentally, the first musical artist I ever saw live – Sheffield Leadmill in about 1988. And jolly good it was too.)