Well, never let it be said that I don’t listen to reader feedback. The general consensus on Review Week (May 8-11) was that people didn’t like it. Fair enough, I’ll try to space out the reviews a bit more, and you’ll be pleased to know that (as the government might say) there are no plans at present to repeat the all-Review format.

One comment was that the reviews tended to be of things people might not be familiar with, and I’d have to say this is deliberate; I do this because I want to point to things which people might otherwise overlook, and also because I tend to approach the media buffet with a broad plate*, so I like to think this blog is nicely varied in its reviews – books, films, comics, musicals etc Indeed, the observant amongst you will have spotted that I usually make it clear in the first paragraph (if not sentence) exactly what the item being reviewed is in terms of medium. You hadn’t spotted that? Ah, all part of my aim to make things more accessible.

Oh, and one of the comments was that reviews of books would be nicer if they were accompanied by an image of the book cover. Good point, I’ll do that in future.

I’ve upped the frequency of posting in the last month or so, and my general aim is to post five new items every week – generally one a day during the working week, but there’s obviously some variation in that. This is because some people said they didn’t think I posted often enough. You may consider me suitably chastised, if not necessarily chaste.

*Yes, there is a Day Today subtext to this post. Today’s recommended viewing, if you will.