1. Given their output and its success, it occurs to me that the TV production company Kudos might well be the modern equivalent of ITC. Whaddaya think?

2. Bored? Then why not recite the opening chant of Toni Basil’s ‘Mickey’over the start of Avril Lavigne’s new single ‘Girlfriend’? I think you’ll find it a perfect match, though I’m not necessarily saying it’s an ideal use of your time.

3. Very frighteningly, the Home Secretary has warned that the UK could be subject to an electrical attack from terrorists. No more details appeared to be forthcoming, but as the reference was made in a speech in which he justified the budget for the Home Office, I’m sure it was honest and true and not just scaremongering. In fact, thinking about it, I distinctly recall watching a documentary about just such an attack being launched on London,which gave more detail about the mechanics of an electrical attack than the Home Secretary. The documentary, I seem to recall, was called Goldeneye.

4. Quite a lot of reviews of the new series of Peep Show (currently running on Channel 4) have referred to it being tainted by the advertisements which the stars did for Apple computers. I’ve seen a couple of billboard posters for these, but as they have a web address at the bottom, and I’m not willing to actually do the advertisers’ work for them, I haven’t seen any of the ads. And nor am I interested in seeing them (though I gather they run as cinema adverts as well, but generally I try to avoid adverts as much as possible). Consequently, my viewing of Peep Show (which I like a lot) is unaffected by knowledge of the cast’s work in adverts. A little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing, it seems, or at least a fun-spoiling thing. And incidentally, I didn’t see as much scorn poured on Olivia ‘Sophie in Peep Show’ Colman for her role in the AA adverts a couple of years ago… but perhaps some kind of chivalry is at work here? How gallant.

5. I’m sure many of you want to audition to be a new member of the PussycatDolls. Well, here is the form for you to enter the reality show to do so. Good luck in becoming a member of their poledanci- er, I mean burlesque group.

6. The Columbine shootings, of course, were the fault of Marilyn Manson. The film Old Boy was to blame for the Virginia Tech killings, apparently. Certainly easier to blame music and film for it, rather than face the more complicated possibility that lax gun control and a diminished sense of community and social responsibility might be involved. And here, Christopher Hitchens shows a restraint and objectivity about the event which is as welcome to me as it is absent from the general reporting and reaction. A terrible thing to have happened, but it is not made any better by thinking at anything less than our highest level of intelligence about it. Indeed, that’s just the sort of thinking which is needed to prevent it happening again.

7. And of course the UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest this year won’t win. The song by Scooch is such a cynically deliberate attempt to play up the camp cheesiness which has become ‘ironically’ associated with Eurovision in recent years, it deserves to get slated, or better ignored.Particularly since last year’s winner was so utterly unlikely (and, let’s be fair, did rock a fair bit), and unlike a typical Eurovision song. Pah. It’s Jemini all over again, isn’t it ?