Maybe it’s just my imagination, but in the last couple of weeks, the Liberal Democrats appear to have become a bit confused about the way people perceive things, and seem to be falling over themselves to admit to things which have previously been seen as political liabilities; granted, they probably came clean to pre-empt press exposure, but in the last month or so their leader’s admitted to an alcohol problem, and two of the potential replacement candidates have been perhaps a tad more forthcoming than is entirely savoury about their previous homosexual activities.

Now, I have no problem with MPs having preferences for the same sex, a different sex, or even root vegetables, as long as it’s all friendly stuff, but I do think that the Lib Dems might need to remember that the way to capture votes is not, historically, to make the main focus of your media attention the amount of Glenmorangie you can put away, or the number of winkles you’ve had the pleasure of handling.

Or perhaps I’m just old-fashioned about these things.