1. There’s a legal challenge underway at the moment to allow the parents of girls under 16 to be notified if their daughter is having an abortion. Maybe it’s just me being harsh, but if your underage daughter is sexually active, pregnant and considering an abortion, I don’t know just how much of a useful contribution you’ll make if your daughter’s decided she’d rather you weren’t told. The evidence of parenting skills doesn’t exactly suggest a useful level of input. I have a sinking feeling that it’d just lead to a lot of horrified parents shouting and berating their daughters, which I don’t think would be entirely constructive…
  2. It occurs to me that the word ‘hold’ works staggeringly well with prepositions – hold in, hold out, hold up, hold down, hold off, hold on, and so forth. Offhand I can’t think of another word which lends itself to prepositionising with such wanton abandon.
  3. I’ve been physically intimate with two non-Caucasian girls in my life (on separate occasions). They both asked me if this was the first time I’d done so, and it was good to be able to give different answers to the same question.
  4. Whenever I heard the theme to ‘Futurama’ it makes me think of ‘Toxygene’ by The Orb.
  5. A leaflet fell out of a magazine I was reading, inviting me to join ‘Liberty’. I don’t know which is more alarming about the state of the UK today – the fact that the ‘National Council for Civil Liberties’ has had to change their name to single word which sounds like a rallying cry against oppression, or that I feel a strong need to join.
  6. Good quote from Haneif Kureishi : “If you want something badly enough, you make arrangements. If you don’t want it badly enough, you make excuses.”
  7. Yesterday, I passed someone on the street who I used to be very good friends with, but we had a major disagreement and haven’t spoken since (I won’t bore you with the details). She saw me and there was a look of recognition and then something like annoyance. However, I believe I saw her first, so I think I succeeded in keeping my expression neutral while she was looking at me. Though I kind of hope I looked disdainful, as if I was a scientist or antiquarian looking at an item of very mild interest.