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Readers With Long Memories May Recall I Like To Do This Sort Of Comparison


The cover of the paperback edition of the latest James Bond novel there. It’s a new Bond! For a new era! Like nothing you’ve ever seen before!


…as long as you ignore the cover of this paperback edition of a James Bond novel from 1998, that is.

(Right down to the explosion reflected in the eye, no less. Strange.)

Season Of Mists, Indeed

I don’t associate the start of the week with a love of alliteration, but I may need to reassess; here’s a picture of the rather lovely Misty Monday Morning which greeted me as I left the house today (no retouching of the colouring, that’s how the picture came out):


All we need now is the mellow fruitfulness (not, of course, to be confused with Meltis New Berry Fruits).

The Reason Why I’ve Gone Quiet Is Also The Reason I’ve Started To Wonder If It IS Possible To Have Too Many Books

So I’ve gone all radio-silent again, but that’s because I’m in the midst of a housemove.

And after a weekend of lugging boxes and finding bruises on my arms and in places I didn’t realise had even been involved in the lifting process, all our stuff now looks like this:


So I’m rather nomadic and untethered at the moment, but as soon as I get a bit more settled (into, hopefully, a very lovely new home with the very lovely Mrs Soanes), I’ll be back on a more regular basis (regular readers may recognise this promise from its previous appearances since 2010 or so).

Until then, hope you’re well, and that wherever you are, tea and friends aren’t far away.

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