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So, Yes, I’m Back

As those of you who know me ‘offline’ (that is, in real life) will be painfully aware, most of my brainspace has been occupied over the last 12 months with the prospect of moving house. To cut a (year-)long story short, it was tiresome and stressed, and made infinitely worse by 90% of the people we were dealing with seeming to be about as helpful as this:


… for twelve months. Lots of fun!

And for those of you who only know me from my writing work will be aware, I’ve hardly been prolific as a result. Anyway, my head is now freed from the hassles of dealing with estate agents and conveyancers and the like, so I intend to post a bit more regularly. Starting with a big rant about the topic everyone’s talking about in the next couple of days.

See you soon…

The Reason Why I’ve Gone Quiet Is Also The Reason I’ve Started To Wonder If It IS Possible To Have Too Many Books

So I’ve gone all radio-silent again, but that’s because I’m in the midst of a housemove.

And after a weekend of lugging boxes and finding bruises on my arms and in places I didn’t realise had even been involved in the lifting process, all our stuff now looks like this:


So I’m rather nomadic and untethered at the moment, but as soon as I get a bit more settled (into, hopefully, a very lovely new home with the very lovely Mrs Soanes), I’ll be back on a more regular basis (regular readers may recognise this promise from its previous appearances since 2010 or so).

Until then, hope you’re well, and that wherever you are, tea and friends aren’t far away.

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