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Persona Update: Teaser Trailer Now Available Online

As I mentioned in this post, I’m one of the writers on the smartphone drama Persona, which is coming in January 2011 – and here’s the teaser trailer:

It’s the first time I’ve seen anything I’ve written being performed, and I can’t wait to see Jane’s storyline brought to life – I’m super-pleased to see Amanda Sterkenburg in the role, as she has exactly the kind of look I was hoping for in the character.

And is it childish that I’m amused that the Youtube ‘freeze screen’ shows Jane? Very probably… but it’s true.

She Does, You Know. She Does Kick Me.

Make my friends rich dept:

My old friend Ian, and his bandmates in Katalina Kicks, have just released a new single called ‘Me’, and it’s available to buy via iTunes, for the very reasonable price of 79p.

Not sure if you want to trust my opinion on it, especially as I tend to write about books and writing as opposed to music? Okay, I understand. Here’s the video:

What’s that? Oh yes, it does rock. Told you so.

You’ve Probably Seen This Already, But If Not… Well, That’s What I’m Here For.

Pretty much note-perfect, I’d say.

Future And Past: The Name May Be Its Future Chart Position (1), And The Form In Which It Would Have Been Sold Until A Few Years Ago (45)… Perhaps.

Longtime blog readers with appallingly long memories will recall that a friend of mine Ian is a singer by trade, and lookylook, his band’s video is available to view online (ignore the fact that the frozen image below appears to show him doing an impression of the Joker, he’s actually a very presentable chap):

That’s rather good, innit? The single’s out on 5 July, and will be available from iTunes and other places like that. If you like it, please buy it. And even if you don’t like it, please buy it just to please me, for my wrath is great and far-reaching and painful for those who displease me.

As the aforementioned longterm readers will also be well aware of.

“Seeing Is Believing”…

…has not been true since Winsor McCay and Gertie The Dinosaur, but it’s startling to see just how much greenscreening there is in use, especially in TV shows where you might not expect it.

I mean: Ugly Betty? Seriously, I’d never have expected that.

I Love The Caption At 0:54

Insidious Worm Makes Unauthorized Purchases When Computer User Is Drunk

Once again, The Onion nails it.

By Way Of Antidote To My Usual Mockery And Pedantry…

… have a look at this; the song’s pedestrian at best, but I genuinely love the way the woman signing it in the lower right corner gets into it (you may want to skip to a minute or so in):

I suspect she’s just paid to sign the words, but she goes well beyond the call of duty, and, frankly, gets on down. And it looks like she’s rather enjoying her job.

Good for her, I say.

Channel Surfing

My current reading material is the second volume of Michael Palin’s Diaries, a very thoughtful Christmas pressie from Mrs S. It covers the 1980s, when Mr P was featuring in an impressive array of films (Time Bandits, The Meaning Of Life, and Brazil, for example).

However, for sheer unexpectedness, one of my favourite onscreen Palin moments is the following from 2006:

All things considered, I think he underplays it rather nicely; good to see an extra not trying to scene-steal in any way whatsoever. Ahem.

By The Time I Hit ‘Publish’, This Could Prove To Be Invalid

But nonetheless, it’s worth a try.

A short film written and directed by Neil Gaiman, and starring Bill Nighy, which was shown on Sky TV a night or two ago, and which has somehow made its way online:

Is the item above not working? I can only assume the link’s invalid because Sky have issued a cease-and-desist-and-go-to-your-room order. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

Does This Put Anyone Else In Mind Of Monty Python’s Galaxy Song?

“Makes you feel sort of insignificant, doesn’t it?”

Anyway, nicely done stuff, I feel.

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