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I Am, Quite Literally, A Dancin Fool

… oh, hang on, I can’t find a film called Cardboard Box.
Ah well. Better kick off my dancin shoes.
As you were, everyone.

No, Of Course I Haven’t Seen It. I Like To Comment From A Position Of Ignorance.

You’ve probably seen the adverts for the film Valentine’s Day. Two thoughts:

1. Can we agree that this looks rather like Love Actually, with a shift of location and time of year?

2. Given that the film was released on Friday 12 February in the UK, I hope the studio behind the film aren’t going to be shocked if last weekend’s box office doesn’t equal that of the opening weekend…

And yes, the posters for it do resemble those of He’s Just Not That Into You, but you’d spotted that already, right?

Perhaps I Should Just Re-jig This Blog To Make It About Pointing Out Similarities And Be Done With It

On the left, an image from a current Marvel comic, relating to their latest cross-over story, Siege.

On the right, the cover for a DVD of a performance of The Wall which took place in Berlin, with a logo dating back to when the concert took place in 1990.


I rather hope it’s a pre-established icon or image which is being re-used here, so do let me know if you know better.

First ‘Book Twins’ Of 2010…

… though I doubt they’ll be the last.

For the record, I have no objection to Brad Meltzer’s work – I really enjoyed The Tenth Justice – it’s the derivative book design I have a beef with. Though judging from his comics work, Brad and I clearly differ in our fondness for Red Tornado. Ah well, tis but a small matter.

And No, I Don’t Think It’s The Result Of A Marty McFly-Style Casting Change After They’s Started The FX Work. I’m Just Being Stupid, As Usual.

As you probably know, in the film Avatar, technology allows humans to put their consciousness into artificially-grown bodies (hence the title).

The idea is that the avatars look a bit like the human in question, but all through the film (yes, I’ve seen it: capsule review – very good, but too long), I kept thinking that the avatar of the character played by Sam Worthington, who looks thus:

… looked a lot more like Brendan Fraser.

Is there a medical term for the tendency to ‘pattern recognise’ and seek similarities where there may be none? If so, I have it. Or, at least, an analysis of my posts and thought patterns alike seems to suggest just such a pattern of behaviour.

Cover Design Aside, I’m Currently Reading – And Enjoying – The First Of These Three Books

A smudge under 18 months ago, I suggested that book designers were being rather unimaginative by putting ‘a shadowy figure in a corridor’ on the covers of thrillers.

I have to report that the trend doesn’t seem to be on the wane…

So, Like One Other, Then

An advert I saw for Wound magazine (no, I don’t know if it’s pronounced to rhyme with bound or Zounds):

But what’s that tagline? ‘Like no other’? Er…

Ah well.

Nothing New Under The Sun? Whatever.

Obviously, it’s fun for the papers to pretend that the youth of today invented disaffection and nonchalance (a stance which appears to forget the popularity of, say, Brando in The Wild One), and of course it means you can fill column inches with Why Oh Why Oh Why Are The Youth Of Today Impregnating Each Other And Causing House Prices To Collapse? and the like.

However, the shoulder-shrugging lack of interest which young people are often accused of displaying can be traced back many years – to my father’s generation, if not before that; here, for example, is Tommy Walls, a character who appeared in many issues of the classic comic Eagle, including its first edition in 1950:

Like so many of the young people on my television set in modern shows such as Police Camera Action Stop Or I’ll Shoot in HD, Master Walls appears to be showing a lack of respec’ for the official standing next to him, and he doesn’t seem in the least bothered that another member of his gang of street toughs is being put into a police van in the background.

Young people thenadays, eh? Tch.

Forget The Crossword, Tease Your Sunday Morning Brain With The Following Mensa-Style Test




Is There A Psychological Condition Which Involves One Seeing Things As Similar All The Time?

If so, I think we can cheerfully label me a sufferer.

Though it does generate material, howsoever questionable.

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