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It’s Just A Cycle Of Disagreement…

 Boys, boys, boys.

 Instead of confusing the nice bookshop customers, can’t you  just agree to disagree?


Okay, You Two, Level With Me – Are You A Couple, Or Not? Yes Or No? What Is Your Situation, Eh?

Tch, I should have known better than to try to get a straight answer out of a book-TV pairing.

Reconstruction: Spotted In WHSmith Over The Weekend…

…and placed on adjacent shelves in such as fashion as to make the similarity of colour schemes all the more apparent.

Well, it made me smile.

I’ll Be Honest With You: Sometimes I Put Similar-Looking Books Down Next To Each Other…

… in the hope that the excitement contained in one might rub off on the other.

I’ll leave it to you to decide which is the exciting one.

Money Can’t Buy You Happiness…

… nor, it seems, a decent understanding of contraception.

It’s Like Collecting Star Wars Cards, Only For The Bookshelf

I need 12.02 and 12.03 for my collection, can anyone help?

Why Should We Believe Your Stance This Time, Eh ?

In 1977, you say you’re NOT; in 1995, you say you ARE.

Are you just going to change your mind again in 2013, Leonard?

Sometimes I Put Books Together On My Bookcase To See If They’ll Start Fighting

My money’s on BTB, to be honest.

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