Up Above The Streets And Houses

Despite the usual Bank Holiday weather, this morning Mrs Wife and I went for a brief helicopter flight along the Thames. Here, by way of proof, are pictures from mere hours ago…

The Excel Centre in East London. I think you can see the queues for the next series of The X-Factor at the right of the building (seriously – they’re holding auditions there this weekend).

The Tower of London, with Tower Bridge in the bottom right corner (with the skid of the helicopter)

The mother of Parliaments was the turn-around point for our trip, so it necessitated the mother of all steep turns. No, it wasn’t just me being all artsy with the framing of the shot, this is how it was.

And heading back out towards East London, and Soanes Towers, we see the Dome and Canary Wharf. Not everyone’s cup of tea architecturally, either of them, I know, but to me being this close to them says one thing: I’m almost home.

On which note, I shall get back to enjoying the Bank Holiday Sunshine, which is currently dripping down the windows. Hope you’re enjoying this Now With 50% Free weekend.


I’m Still Alive!


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