Now You Can See (Well, Hear) What I’ve Been Up To While I Haven’t Been Posting This Week

I’m pleased to be able to point you towards the latest episode of the BBC7 comedy show Newsjack, which features a joke by little ol’ me.

Here be the link to the show’s page, which also includes the iPlayer link and a credits list (rather charmingly alphabetised by forename). My gag is the one about SuperInjunctions in the Corrections segment about two minutes from the end.

There’ll probably be a link for the podcast in the next couple of days, and my rampant egocentricity means I’m very likely to post that too. (EDIT: Crikey, looks like it’s already available here. That was quick.)

Anyway, as you can probably gather, I’m more than a little bit pleased about this (which is why my usual English reserve has been overwhelmed with the desire to self-promote so shamelessly); my first paid work for the BBC, and not, I hope, the last.

Though, as ever, that’s rather up (or indeed down) to me, innit? Back to the writing…


No, No, There Were Supposed To Be Plans For A Batman Musical…


This Offer Only Good Until Midnight (I Think)


  1. I salute your comedy credentials, sir. More where that came from, no doubt at all.

  2. Very kind, Mr T – I shall do my best to prove it wasn't a fluke!

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