Gah, this is going to be horribly self-referential and indulgent, but then again that’s not really anything new to the blog, so…

A quick glance at the column on the right shows that in 2009 I posted at least once a day here on’t blog, and though I don’t think I said as much at the time, this was a challenge (albeit a fairly pathetic one) I set myself back at the start of the year.

I think that it went pretty well overall – there were probably a few too many posts wherein I pointed out some minor point of similarity between two items, or picked on some frankly pedantic point and scratched away at it in an attempt to mine some amusement, but on the other hand I was pretty chuffed to have said something to you, my faithful and frankly pert audience, every day. Whether or not you felt the same way is an entirely different matter, but heck, that’s what the Comment function’s for, right?

Anyway, all of the rambling nonsense above is by way of alerting you to the fact that the blog may see something of a decrease in frequency of posting – or, at least, a decrease in comparison with the past year; that’s not to say I won’t still be making facile remarks on a regular basis, but it may be more like a working week’s worth of comments as opposed to a daily thing. Still, we’ll see – and hopefully you’ll feel that the shift in frequency is matched by an upswing in quality of content, as I find myself feeling less that I have to post something, and more that I have something to post (an important distinction, I think you’ll agree).

But don’t fret (or, depending on how you feel about my still being here, do fret), there’ll still be the same stupid mix of personal opinions on matters I know next to nothing about, links to items of possible interest, and – oh yes – more pictures of books and films with similar covers or posters; I appreciate knowing you good folks are out there as I post all my nonsense, and I hope you’ll stick around for more.

Because there is more. Oh yes.