According to the tagline for the frankly underrated film 2010, it’s “the year we make contact”.

That would, of course, be terrific, but in the absence of Dave Bowman returning, I just hope that, for all of you who are kind enough to read this blog, it’s the year we make progress, howsoever you choose to define it.

It may be that you want things to feel they’re moving forward on a personal, professional, creative, mental, physical or even spiritual level, and so I hope that, when we reach the end of 2010, you can look back at the year and – whether it’s because of things you’ve done or events conspiring in your favour (or, perhaps best of all, both of those) – that you can look back and think yep, that was a very good year.

But enough of my hoping, a new year (and a new decade? Or is that mathematically inaccurate?) awaits! Let’s get using the time productively, eh ?

So, let’s take a moment to gather ourselves, and … onwards!