And No, I Don’t Think It’s The Result Of A Marty McFly-Style Casting Change After They’s Started The FX Work. I’m Just Being Stupid, As Usual.

As you probably know, in the film Avatar, technology allows humans to put their consciousness into artificially-grown bodies (hence the title).

The idea is that the avatars look a bit like the human in question, but all through the film (yes, I’ve seen it: capsule review – very good, but too long), I kept thinking that the avatar of the character played by Sam Worthington, who looks thus:

… looked a lot more like Brendan Fraser.

Is there a medical term for the tendency to ‘pattern recognise’ and seek similarities where there may be none? If so, I have it. Or, at least, an analysis of my posts and thought patterns alike seems to suggest just such a pattern of behaviour.


(Sung) It’s Cutting It A Bit Fine For Christmas…


Return Of The ‘Jack


  1. That's the word!
    Mind you, I can see why William Gibson chose to call his book 'Pattern Recognition'.

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