You have to be careful if you’re marketing a product overseas; we’ve all seen articles about funny-named foodstuffs from overseas which have names like Krappi, Bumm and Peroneum.

Take, for example, this current advert for a fine fragrance:

Leaving the whole Catwoman similarities thing, I’d say the name’s a bit of a misfire for international use; in the USA and many other countries, the Name Ricci Ricci will make many people think of the Harvey comics character portrayed on the big screen by Macauley Culkin…

…which at least has the cachet of wealth, if not necessarily glamour, but in the UK people are probably more likely to hear “Ricci Ricci” and think of –

– Rik Mayall as Richard Richard from Bottom.

And whilst I’m no marketing guru, I’d guess that kind of association is probably not what sells fancy perfume.