The Startling Pace Of Technological Advancement

Like many people who’d like to earn their living from writing, I read a lot of books about the business of writing – whether it be for the page or screen or stage or whatever.

Here’s a picture of my current reading on this theme:

(I couldn’t find a decent-sized picture online, so I took the picture myself – see the trouble I go to for this nonsense?)

The book itself is pretty solid so far, but what I wanted to mention more than anything content-related was the cover; more specifically, the state-of-the-art word processing device pictured at the heart of the cover. Let’s zoom in on it, shall we?

That, my loves, is a Smith Corona PWP 7000 word processor, and its inclusion on the cover of the book suggests that at the time of the book’s publication, this was something pretty standard (or perhaps slightly aspirational) for writers to have and use.

However, just to see if you’re as weirded out by the pace of change as I was when I looked at the copyright details of the book, let me ask you this: what year do you think this book was published? Any ideas?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

The book was published in 1994. Fifteen years ago. And that realisation made me feel very old indeed.

Anyway, I’d better get off the internet now, and clamber back into my bath chair. Nursey gets very angry if I stop the other residents using the home computer.


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  1. For some odd reason I rather vividly remember an early 1990's ad for the Personal Word Processor in the "Smithsonian" magazine; that same item in your picture placed in that ad looked nice enough to my not quite yet post-Soviet eyes… I also remember a very nice looking businessman pretending to work on a file there.

    The fun part of it nowadays is getting to enjoy the sardonic read of very nearly failed attempts to recover all that data saved to obscure Mitsumi diskettes from those machines.

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